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Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables Association-called VINAFRUIT – was established in March 2001- as a non-governmental organization. The association consists of enterprises operating in the fruit and vegetables sector, with both joint-venture and 100% foreign invested companies.  VINAFRUIT protects the legitimate rights of its members and promotes and supports Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables trade & international co-operation. At December 2008 VINAFRUIT had 67 members including Vietnamese companies specializing in producing, processing, exporting, retailing, researching, consulting and various services related to the fruit and vegetables sector. VINAFRUIT is member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)

VINAFRUIT has associated fruit and vegetables companies and encourages the development of   its industry, particularly in tropical fruit and vegetables in order to meet increasing demand from local and international markets as well as to contributing to Vietnam’s efforts to integrate its economy into the world.


VINAFRUIT coordinates with Government to manage operations aimed to build and to develop Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables industry in cultivation, preservation, processing, trade promotion and trading fruit and vegetables in local and international markets.

VINAFRUIT is the link between Vietnamese import-export enterprises and the companies in the same industry in the world.

VINAFRUIT assists member-enterprises to improve the quality and reduce production costs through researching, training, supporting technical as well as cooperating and coordinating in related activities.

VINAFRUIT deputizes for Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables enterprises to propose to the Government members’ aspirations, strategy, policy and solutions for the development of its industry.

VINAFRUIT builds up the relationship and cooperation with governmental organizations, local authorities, Vietnam’s social & professional associations, international organizations, news agencies and other related organizations in order to develop and improve the competitive ability of Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables industry.

VINAFRUIT welcomes all opinions related to assessments, feedback and requests for joining the Association; recommendations for co-operation, coordination and information from local and international partners.

At present the Vietnamese government assigns VINAFRUIT the following managing the functions of the fruit & vegetable sector such as recommending ideas for national trade promotion programs financed by government  such as organization of exhibitions and trade fairs, It also carries out market surveys, gathers market  information ... etc ; It also established a fund for the Professional Association (reserve fund for trade risk); and disseminates governmental policy and regulations and in provides information related to the fruit and vegetables industry; presents periodic reports to government and related agencies on behalf of all members.

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Industry growth perspective

Vietnamese fruit-trees &vegetables cultivated area is 1.4 million ha, in which vegetables represent 635,000 ha and fruit-trees 767,000 ha. Average annual production is 20.4M tons comprising 12.7M tons of vegetables & 7.7M tons of fruit. In 2008, Vietnam exported US$396M of fruit & vegetable to 30 markets in Asia, Europe & North America  an increase of 29.5% compared with the same figures in the previous year.

Special characteristics

Vietnam’s tropical fruits & vegetables offer delicious taste and include valuable & rare cultivated items which are only grown in Vietnam & some neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia. These species include mangos, dragon fruit, star apples, longan, durian,   mangosteen and leaf bearing kinds of vegetables.

Fruit for all seasons

Thanks to the diversification of climate & land condition, Vietnam has a wide variety of fruits & vegetables and, in consequence is able to  harvest throughout the year and meet both domestic & export demand.

Climatic and soil benefits

The natural conditions of weather & land are more convenient for cultivating non-seed fruits, organic fruits, fruits used for medical treatment and some fruits planted from imported seeds.

Future plans

On June 5th 2007  Prime Minister, and the Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development authorized and signed the Decision no. 52/2007/QĐ-BNN to approve  the Development Programme of the fruit & vegetable, flower and ornamental tree industry from 2010 to 2020.

Main objectives

The main objectives of this programme up to 2010 are:
Fruits: Cultivated area: 1M ha, Production: 10M tons. In which the area allocated to fruit trees is 255,000 ha, and the volume of export fruit : 430,000 tons.
Vegetables : Cultivated area: 700,000 ha, Production: 14M tons  in which safe (clean) vegetables : 100,000 tons and export volume is 200,000 tons
Flower & Pot trees: 15,000 ha; production: 20M tons
Total export turnover is planned to increase to US$760M per year  by 2010 and to  US$1.2Bn per year by 2020.
In addition, Government has deployed a ten year plant variety (2001-2010) program to meet the requirement on creating good & new seed for export.

Global integration

Vietnam has integrated into the global economic. The following events have greatly enhanced its fruit & vegetables industry: -.
The 2001 signed Bilateral Trade Agreement between Vietnam – United States that has opened up the new opportunities for export to the US market.
AFTA Program on the reduction of import tariffs.
Vietnam became a WTO member.
Those above mentioned events and the rapid development of Vietnam’s economy will bring further opportunity and challenge to its developing fruit & vegetable industry.